Envisioneer has two environments: Model View, where you construct and edit your BIM model, and Worksheet View, where you create your working drawings based on the BIM model. Each environment has tools that are relevant to the task at hand.

Working Drawing Sample

A set of working drawings have elaborate detail that describe exactly where each component of the building is to be located and how it is to be constructed. A typical set of working drawings includes:

  • A floor plan of each level of the home
  • An exterior elevation for each side of the home
  • A section cut through the home, usually in two separate directions
  • Details that highlight the type of wall construction, stair construction, roof construction and foundation construction.
  • Framing plans that detail the floor, roof and wall construction methods.

Depending on the job, there can be many more drawing sheets required. Each drawing has its own role in conveying construction information, and each will have dimensions, text and schedules that further explain the work to be done. When creating a drawing determine what needs to be noted and drawn to best describe the element that you want to be built, so that it is built exactly as you have envisioned.

In Envisioneer, Worksheet View is a quick and simple 2D drafting environment that contains drawing sheets. You can think of drawing sheets as pieces of paper. On the drawing sheets you can set up drawing borders and title blocks, insert views of your model, annotate your drawings with text, dimensions and basic line objects, and add construction details. A wide variety of CAD editing tools are available to help you achieve the exact result you want.

To understand the Worksheet View environment, watch this recorded webinar that goes into detail on how to pull the information from your BIM model onto a working drawing sheet: https://www.cadsoft.com/creating-working-drawings-webinar-recording/

To understand how working drawings are created from a BIM model, watch this recorded webinar: https://www.cadsoft.com/understanding-smartviews/

To see a full set of working drawings created in Envisioneer, see our gallery: https://www.cadsoft.com/products/gallery/  ( Complete sets of working drawing samples are at the bottom of the gallery page)

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