Guelph, ON – January 2023 – Cadsoft Corporation, a leading developer of Building Information Modeling (BIM) software for the residential and light commercial construction industry, is proud to announce an integration between Cadsoft’s Personal Architect Online and Plnar. Plnar is the Leading AI-Powered Virtual Inspection Solution for the Property Insurance and Home Improvement markets. The integration will be unveiled at the International Builders Show.

“We are excited about integrating with Plnar to enable starting Personal Architect projects from photos. Personal Architect Online is focused on uniting designers, homeowners, and product manufacturers in an online home design environment.” Chantale Pitts, Chief Revenue Officer at Cadsoft.

“Although our software features a lot of complex and proprietary technology, its real virtue is its simplicity,” says Andy Greff, Chief Executive Officer at Plnar.  “Our software automatically generates accurately measured 3D models of interior spaces just by taking pictures with your smartphone.

About Plnar

Plnar is an AI software provider digitally transforming insurance claims and home improvement estimates by enabling self-service inspections of interior spaces, providing significantly better customer experiences, shorter cycle and estimate times, and lower costs. Plnar’s patented technology platform gives users the power to generate accurate 3D models of interior spaces from digital photos streamlining the estimation process. Learn more at:

About Personal Architect Online

Personal Architect Online is a cloud-based 3D home design platform with built-in artificial intelligence to guide homeowners and builders in a collaborative experience. Personal Architect Online is the only tool to allow multiple people to work simultaneously, in the cloud, on any device, guided by AI. The tool engages clients in an immersive online experience. Learn more at:

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Chantale Pitts, Chief Revenue Officer

Cadsoft Corporation

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Andy Greff, CEO

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