The percentage that a door is open in Envisioneer is customizable. Select a door, right click to reveal the editing opportunities and select Properties.
In the properties of the door you can edit both the percentage it is open in 2D and in 3D. Click OK to accept your changes. Is this a change that you would like to make for all of your doors as a default? Go to File-Catalogs-Element Manager. The Element Manager organizes all of the elements in your catalog. Scroll until you find doors. When you select a door you will see it’s properties to the right. If you hold down your shift key you can select a group of doors to edit at the same time. What you edit to the right will be edited for all of them. The red values represent the values that are different for each door that you selected. Change the door open percentages and then click OK to exit the Element Manager. The catalog saves your changes and the doors are now edited and ready for their next insertion. I hope that makes your Envisioneer work, one step easier!