Instructions from Video:

Select Insert> Interiors>Plumbing Fixtures

In the Catalog panel to the right, select a toilet to insert. Move your cursor onto the drawing screen area and right-click to select Enter Insertion Offset.

The Insertion Offset dialog box will appear. On each side of the object, you can specify a distance to offset it from existing elements in the model. In the example model an offset of 1″ was added to the back of the toilet and 1′ from the left side of the toilet. Click OK.

The toilet will be attached to the cursor but it will not get any closer than 1′ from the back of the toilet or 1′ from the left side when you try to insert it. You can move it close to any object at the from and the right but it will lock its position when you try to move it towards the back and left. Left-click to place it.