Instructions from Video:

From country to country or even county to county there is always a difference in the way that a door is marked as a left hand versus a right-hand door. It can lead to a good debate! Some were taught to put their back against the jamb and the swing of the door was either towards their right or left hand. Others were taught that when you approach a door, does it swing left or does it swing right? This can change for interior and exterior doors.

Since Cadsoft ships all over the world in multiple languages we want to ensure that everyone has the door designated as they want, so there is a variable setting for door swings.

Select Settings>Program Settings.

In the list on the left, select Building Aids.

On the right, you can select how you would designate a right and left-handed door.

To the right, there is also the option to designate a window opening symbol that is relevant to your country from None, Type 1 or Type 2.

Click OK and it will save your preference.

Select Insert>Doors

The catalog panel to the right will display doors. Select a door, right-click, and select Edit Element.

In the Doors dialog box, there is a Swing Type variable where you can designate the door to be either Right, Left or Double. Click OK to exit the dialog box and then left-click in your model to insert that door. Right-click and select Finish.

Left-click to select the door you inserted and then right-click. In the right-click menu you will select Flip Swing. This will flip the door as the opposite swing. This is perfect for a slab door that can be installed as either a left or right-handed swing but if it is a door that is purchased as a left or right door you must right click and select Replace to replace it with a door with the correct handling if you need to change it.