Instructions from Video:

Having a brick or stone base applied halfway below a siding or stucco veneer can be done in Envisioneer by taking advantage of the Trim command.

Select Insert>Walls>Walls.

In the default Cadsoft Envisioneer catalog under the Stucco Veneer subfolder select the 2×6 Stucco w/ Stone Base wall.

Right-click and select Add Element.

This will adopt the properties fo the 2×6 Stucco w/ Stone Base wall for the new wall.

At the top of the Walls dialog box, change the name of the wall to 2×6 Siding w/ Stone Base.

To remove the stucco and apply siding we need to adjust the Appearance of the wall and the Quantity of the wall.

Select the Appearance tab.

Here all of the components of the wall are listed on the left and their corresponding materials are in the middle Material portion of the dialog box. Select the Exterior Surface component from the list. Left-click on the corresponding material swatch.

In the Materials dialog box, select the Siding – Vertical folder, and in the Materials list below select Vertical Siding 8. Click OK.

Select the  Quantity tab.

The current wall has an assembly group  Stucco Wall Finish, select it and click the Remove button. Then click the Add button. We have removed the materials for the stucco and now need to add the materials for the wood vertical siding.

In the Assembly dialog box, select the Finishes folder under Groups and then in the Assembly list below select the Wood Siding Wall Finish and click OK.

Now let’s look at how the stone base is formed. Select the Trim tab.

At the top of this tab it has Application options. Trim can be applied to the Left Interior Surface, Right Interior Surface and the Exterior Surface of a wall. Select the Exterior Surface.

Scroll down in the list of trims available, select Custom. This wall has a 36″ Stone Base trim set as the custom trim selection. Click the Select button.

In the Catalog Access dialog, open the Masonry Base folder. Here there a variety of masonry bases at different heights and different materials. Depending on the height of the stone that you need, select the trim option. If you need another height, you can right-click and select Add Element, just as we did to create this new wall. Select the 48″ Stone Base and click OK.

As a default the top of the trim will be level with the base of the wall. We need to move it up. The Offset from wall is set to Wall Bottom, putting the trim at the bottom of the wall. The Trim Basepoint option is the Top of the Trim. So the top of the trim is sitting at the wall bottom. Select the dropdown list to change the Trim basepoint so the Top of the Trim is sitting at the wall bottom.

The Offset option allows you to shift trim either up or down so it isn’t flush with the bottom of the wall. Since this is our exterior veneer and it will sit lower than the framed portion of the wall when sitting on a framed floor, I will adjust the Offset to – 1′ so it sits lower and hides the framed floor.

This base is taller than the original we therefore need to make some adjustments to the concrete sill that sat on top of the shorter stone base. Scroll up in the list of trim types and select the Chair Rail option. It lists the 3 1/2″ x 5 1/2″ Concrete Sill. Change the Offset value to 3′-3 1/2″. Click OK to save this wall.

It is now in the catalog and can be used to draw new walls or existing walls can be replaced with this new wall.