Packing Materials in a Project File


Instructions from the video:

When creating a design project you can add custom elements and materials to the file to give it that personalized touch. However, when sharing the .bld file with another user the custom materials will appear blank. You must have the custom materials in your catalog to view them. The Pack Resources option will add them in so the can be viewed.

Select File>SaveAs. In Envisioneer we have a Pack Resources option when you perform a Save As. This option will allow you to save all the added textures you may have created or used in any custom block so that when the file is opened on a different computer those materials are visible. This will increase the file size so it is recommended that you save the file with a different name so it does not over write your file. Click Save and the file is saved, with the materials and with a new name.

We hope this Tool Tip helps you moving forward!