Gable Ladder Framing


Instructions from video:

When you design a roof you can specify the members and settings for the individual components of your stick framed roof. In our example today we have a roof that includes gables and we will learn how the framing members are specified and how we can customize the gable framing.

Let’s look at the roof framing first. Select View>Framing>Display Framing.

The finish materials are stripped away and we are left with just the framed model. Concentrating on the roof we can see the individual rafters, ridge board and fascia board. What we need to add is ladder framing on the gable ends. Let’s look at how we can specify the boards and add ladder framing.

Select View>Framing>Display All But the Framing.

Left click to select the roof and then right click to select Properties.

In the Roofs dialog box, select the Specify Framing button. The Roof Framing dialog box will appear. Here we can specify the individual members that we want to use to stick frame the roof.

For each different board, you select yes to include it and it will frame with that board. You will also see that for each board you can indicate it’s Usage and Phase. These fields organize the boards in a material list.  You can say yes to all boards or select only the ones that you want to count. For example, if you don’t stick frame the roof but for your trussed roof you need Fascia boards just say yes to the Fascia board.

Going down to the bottom of the list, we have Gable Ladder. Switch this to yes. For the member, select None Selected and a button with three dots appears. Anytime you see that button it is your access to the catalog to select an element. Select the 2×6 board and click OK. There are two options for the extension of the gable ladder framing. To Structure will put the ladder framing between the 2 last rafters. Fixed allows you to specify a set distance if you need to send it back even further. Distance will only be active if you select Fixed. Select which one is relevant to your framing detail. For Usage set it to Gable Framing so it will label them correctly in the material list and for Phase set it to Roof Framing so these boards will appear with all of the other Roof Framing members in the final report. Last is Spacing. Set the spacing to 16” so the boards will run up the gable 16” apart. Click OK to exit the Roof Framing dialog box and click OK again to exit the Roof dialog box.

Now let’s see what difference that gable ladder adjustments made. Select View>Framing>Display Framing.

The ladder framing is running up the gable. I hope that makes your work one step easier!