Duplicate to Locations

Video: https://youtu.be/jeGPd_ffjcU

Instructions from Video:

When you have multiple stories that mimic the original floor location, Duplicate to Locations is the ideal tool.

Once all of the items are inserted into your model that will occur on each location, select Edit>Select All.

Right-click and select Duplicate to Locations.

The Duplicate to Locations dialog box will appear. Select the location or locations that you want to duplicate the content to and then click OK.

You now are prompted to determine whether you wish to delete the original objects or not. If Yes is chosen, it erases all of the selected elements on the original location which is a great time saver for moving objects from one location to another. Also, if you placed objects on an unwanted location, you can move them to another and delete the original in a single step. If No is selected it will keep the original and copy it to the other locations selected.

Each of the other locations will now have the content that you duplicated from the original location.