Coloured Floor Plans


Instructions from the video:

Creating a colored floor plan allows you to easily define a room visually in your working drawings sheets. This is a great way to present your design. You can add specific colors to each room or you can apply materials to outline each area.

Select a 2D Designers Plan view. This will show the model and the flooring materials used.  Each separate floor area can have a different finish material and it can also have a colour assigned to it. To see the colour information, left click to select a floor and then right click and select Properties.

In the Floors dialog box, select the Linework tab. In the Components list on the left, select the 2D Surface, at the bottom middle of the enable Solid Fill. Select the colour swatch beside the Solid Fill. Select a colour that will appear for that area when the floor plan is inserted with Solid Fill enabled. Click OK.

Repeat this for each separate floor surface in the model and indicate a different colour as required.

Select Settings>Document Settings. In the Document Settings dialog box, select Building Aids.  In the settings to the right, ensure that Solid Fill is enabled. Click OK.

Now we will insert a floor plan with the coloured floors. To switch to the worksheet view, select the second tab at the bottom of the program in the project file that immediately goes to the worksheet environment. Here you layout views of the model to print.

Select Insert>Smartviews>Define Smartview or select the Define Smartview icon on the toolbar.
In the Insert View dialog box, a view of the floorplan, with the coloured sections will appear. Select Insert to insert it onto a sheet.

If a legend is required, you can use Select Tools>Text>Text to describe the coloured sections.

We hope this Tool Tip helps you moving forward!