“After we started working with Envisioneer we were pleasantly surprised to find out that not only was it a powerful 3-D visualization program, it also produced accurate 2D drawings and it was much easier than AutoCAD to generate elevations and a full set of working drawings.

I highly recommend Envisioneer Software to anyone that is interested in producing accurate working drawings and beautiful 3-D renderings for their clients. Everything is BIM oriented so making changes is a breeze and the CAD designer has the ability to do detailed material takeoffs and generate estimates too!

Another powerful feature of Envisioneer that we really like is its compatability with 2020 design. We design and build a lot of Custom Kitchens and Baths and also sell our own Cabinetry. First we draw the kitchen cabinet plan in 2020, price them out, and then import the entire layout back into our Envisioneer model which has already pre-generated the rooms with walls, ceilings, and interior finishes. It’s all very quick and easy and our clients are always amazed at how we precisely we can capture their ideas. With Envisioneer our customers have a unique opportunity to visualize every detail of their project in 2D or 3D, before construction begins. We tend to have fewer client-builder miscommunications than we used to and our bids are much more accurate. I believe it has given us a competitive edge in the remodeling industry. Thank you Cadsoft!”

Todd Lahr – TLC Company Inc.