The new cut list optimizer is entirely new and replaces the existing cut list routine.
This new approach to optimizing cut lists presents the results in a much more intuitive manner. Purchased member item lengths are displayed in the Cut List tab, but now each length can be expanded to illustrate exactly how actually lengths measured in the 3D model have been cut from that purchased length. This allows you to show more or less detail depending on your preference and acts as a cross check for accuracy.

Additional optimization settings can also be accessed to control how each member type should be cut depending on your preference. For example, you can determine that certain member types should be measured and displayed in total linear length, which is ideal for item such as plate material. You can also choose to designate to cut down long members which will illustrate the way a long member length such as a rim board can be cut into multiple lengths to optimize waste.
You can also choose to group your results by building location as well as by the material usage which is another ideal way to check your material order. Detail such as the resultant scrap that could not be used may also be displayed to illustrate how you can minimize your waste.
These and many other features make the new cut list optimization routine an extremely powerful new module in Envisioneer version 7.