Linear Light Source II

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    Something’s wrong for me with replies on the web board so I’m having to start a new thread. Sorry for that; have notified Cadsoft and hopefully will be resolved soon.

    Here’s my down-and-dirty “solution” to the strip lighting problem described in this threads recent predecessor.

    I left the horizontal up- and down-lighting surfaces at 100% luminance, and set the adjacent, vertical surfaces at 50% luminance, as though they’re kinda-sorta reflecting light. In much the same way I’d have done with shading film in the pre-CAD days!

    This is incredibly inaccurate, of course, and NOTHING gets illuminated except the ersatz illumination of the adjacent vertical surfaces. But it avoids calculating radiosity of a bazillion little LEDs during rendering, and lets me get on with the design work. Absent a built-in solution, it’s close enough.

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