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Pro Architect 15 c2.

Don’t know if this is a deficiency in the product or a user error. If the latter, please educate me! If the former, Cadsoft please add this to your bug list.

I have a 5:12 sloped Ceiling Surface, against which I have elevated “Fluorescent Ceiling Office Fixture” lights from the Catalog, with Size Properties squished into something approximating the LED strip lighting I’d prefer to select, if it was available.

I tilted the fixtures to 23 degrees on the Y-axis to match the slope of the roof (to the nearest integer). Yet the light from the fixtures remains horizontal (note the shadows).

So I set the Up/Down, and then the Left/Right, “Light Orientation” to 23 degrees. Light was still cast horizontally. (I’m not sure at this point what these parametrics actually do. I found nothing about Light Orientation in the Help file.) (I do know the spinner controls for them don’t work; you have to type the entry. But need for typing is a minor complaint at this point.)

It’s surprisingly distracting in rendered views. Is there a way to have these fixtures cast light on the adjacent wall at 5:12/22.6 degrees instead of 0:12?

(P.S. Note that in the Section view, I had to click on the ceiling to select it for the screenshot, because it inexplicitly disappears across most of its length. So look closely for the light green line.)

(P.P.S. The baby-sh*t yellow brick will get painted a color TBD, or maybe tiled. But it’s only slightly more gruesome in the pic than in real life! And it’s all over the exterior, too. Don’t judge me, I didn’t choose it.)

(P.P.P.S. Cadsoft: When I add a ceiling fixture, I expect it to elevate and orient itself to the ceiling on which it’s placed. I shouldn’t have to fuss with calculating elevations…that’s the software’s job.) (And if you zoom in on the section, you’ll see the dumb human using the software still doesn’t have it right…!)

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