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Wishlist for next update

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    Could we have a trim option that goes around the end of a wall? Because having a wall that doesn’t close is a very common happening for me and prolly everyone.


    And I wish we could have a standing seam metal roof in 3d WOW that would be great!


    Ridge cap and side of roof trim on gable ends of roofs would be a great feature to add.


    Updated kitchen cabinets.






    couple more:

    Not sure what good OBJ files do if you can’t change the color to match the bedroom etc. you are putting it into. Could you please make it that we can paint these files?

    Also Kitchen counter tool is worthless if you can’t cut and opening into it to put a sink in.

    And also how about adding gutters as a feature to the actual roof instead of having to put it on manually i know that’s the way most software works.

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    Thank you for your feedback and great suggestions for new features and updates.

    They will be bumped up or added to wish list if they are not already there.



    In worksheet sheet mode could we have diagonally stacked fractions. It would be great to have a stacked options for fractions in tight places.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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