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    I was wondering what other people do with their VR’S, the homeviewVR app only lets me keep 12 vr. and we have houses we advertise and need more, also need some for upcoming jobs. but do not want to delete others people’s old ones either cause think it might be good advertising if they pass it on to friends. envisioneer told me one way is to add new accounts and for that I need different email addresses and with that come a lot of new passwords usernames etc. and to me it seems like that could get confusing fast. would appreciate any input on this. Jack what do you do in a case like this I know you do a lot of 3D work. And envisioneer couldn’t you do something to the app that would create more storage? I would gladly buy a paid version if it would come with more storage.

    Thanks Conrad

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    I’ve gotten familiar with the HomeviewVR app but I was unaware there was a limit to project uploads.

    For me, a typical project gets a full exterior model + a Living Room/Kitchen interior model The client will get as many exterior renders using still images as desired, but interior renders are usually limited to the one room unless I need to work something else out.

    I’ve been planning to change this up…so that interior presentations would use a link to a HomeviewVR panoramic rather than the still images…exterior views would still use the still images. This would save me a LOT of time.

    However, the HomeviewVR app is woefully limited for general use though IMO…especially if there are upload limits. I would love to see it expanded upon.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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