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Virtual Architect crashes

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    I bought Virtual Architect about 8 months ago, and designed our bay house on my laptop without a problem. Now we wanted to make some changes, and pages print blank, pan does not work, 3 d rendering is all black screen and it crashes whenever I try to add a new interior wall. The tech support says my laptop is not up to their requirements, which they sent me, and it meets or exceeds all the requirements. Plus it worked fine when I designed it originally last November. They refuse to respond now. Has anybody has similar problems, with the program or support? They try to charge you for every call! Only emails no charge. I even downloaded the new version 11 and it does the same. Tried on my office PC and it wouldn’t even open. Any ideas? I thought maybe e file was corrupt so I started fresh and same thing.


    Not familiar with that software. Could you post file on here so we could take a look at it?



    Virtual Architect is a light version of Envisioneer sold by another company.

    I have had clients with it , worked on their projects and sent them .bld files without problems.

    As far as the issue goes here, it definitely sounds like a computer related issue. Video card?  What I don’t get is that you said same results happen on office pc. The fact that v11 has same issue points to computer. I’ve not heard of anyone having these type of issues.

    Sorry for not being able to help.





    GJGreg Olson

    I have V16 and what you describe happens to me as well, it had been working fine.  Customer service tells me it’s a video issue with AMD drivers.  She also said AMD is working on a solution as well as Cadsoft.  I have to use my laptop that has Intel integrated graphics and it works.  My files come up black and when I draw a wall all I get is the Dim string and then envisioneer closes.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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