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Trusses & Timber Frames WishList 2

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    Truss run tool
    I’m sure I’d also posted elsewhere regarding trusses that only Cadsoft has been able to visualize. Despite repeated requests, no-one has ever posted a photo of a truss that looks like those generated by the Truss Run tool. For simply supported trusses (i.e. just 2 support points – with or without overhangs) every truss I’ve seen, as well as all the truss pictures I’ve seen, the bottom chord is ALWAYS divided into segments of equal length. Envisioneer seems to think it has to start from the support points with half the calculated span between nodes . . . .

    A recent project involved creating open-plan living in the original 30+ year old home. The original roof had been pitched (i.e. stick framed) but extensions at both ends of the dwelling had roof trusses. Saddle trusses had been fitted over the original hip-ends. My clients did NOT want a 300mm deep Parallel Flange Channel (PFC)beam below ceiling line. I then needed to be confident that the builder could just remove some tiles at one end & slide the 7.8m beam beam into it’s final resting place as a combined hanging & strutting beam… Correctly modelling both the original roof framing as well as the trusses would have made it much easier for me to confirm whether it was possible to install the beam.

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