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Trusses & Timber Frames WishList 1

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    Calling all Users for input!
    It must be about time trusses were updated in Envisioneer.
    iirc*** Truss Runs and  Wood Frames (including Portal Frames) were introduced in v13. Somewhere I got the impression that Cadsoft aims to refresh major tools every 4 versions (but it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been mistaken)

    Surely “wood frames” should be renamed to engineered frames as steel trusses and portal frames are valid solutions & can be specified using the Add Element option
    I can’t figure how to setup a poll, so plz answer Y or N or else nominate your better suggestion.

    ***fine print: My memory well & truly predates DDR so I cannot guarantee the data it presents (but I can confirm I’ve never had an “Invalid EEPROM data” msg)

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    I’ll second your opinions I agree (trusses are way outdated)

    I don’t like the truss run tool so i don’t use it period.

    I would also like to add could we have a fix for members on a angle . when painting them the wood grain is wrong.

    Look close at vr (excuse white doors and windows




    Thanks for your post FynrDzynr, I will make sure that this is either added or elevated in the Wishlist.

    In regards to Conwe, I will also make note of the texture issue with the Trusses that are in the program but, if you are importing Blocks to use as Trusses we are only able to apply textures to the faces of the element that are provided to us. What I mean by that is, if a block is imported and it is all one layer we can only apply the texture to that layer, so if it changes direction the texture will look incorrect. To solve this issue the block needs to take into account changes in texture direction with different layers as you can see in my example image below. This image shows a file I created and you can see that when a texture needs to change direction I apply a different layer so that I can control that texture separately. If you are creating ur own blocks to import then this is a tip I would recommend using. If you are downloading from 3D Warehosue or an outside source, see if you can find blocks that take this into account.


    Thanks for commenting Nick,

    Yes I am aware of that, but no I create my timber trusses in envisioneer using members and posts.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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