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    To end the week our tooltip is focusing on chimneys. We often get asked where the “chimney command” is and in this tip we will show you how to insert the chimney walls, flue and chimney crown.

    Enjoy and stay well and safe everyone!


    how did you get the walls to “corner” correctly in the exterior view at 6:30 in this video? Unless you’ve changed something since v13…walls on different Locations do not recognize each other, and they don’t “join” to form corners as you show at that timestamp. I fight this issue quite often with walls on different locations, which is what caught my eye with your method of creating a chimney.

    Perhaps I am mistaken.

    Also, in the ventilation subsection of the HVAC catalog, there is a chimney object you can insert with property values that allow you to create the same capped chimney, with multiple editable flues if needed, but much faster. I use both your method and the insert-able chimney, depending on the trim needed. (for example you can’t add corner trim to the insert-able chimney but you can with a ‘walled’ chimney)

    *I’ve since relocated mine to the fireplace section in the catalog, it is in the Ventilation section by default*




    If walls are on a different location, they won’t form the corner, as you suggested. In a rendered view they will appear fine. Alternatively, all of the walls could have been created on the “Chimney” location so they all form at the same time and the corners would be perfect.

    Thanks for the added tips to everyone on the forum!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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