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The Coffee Klatch Thread

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    Come in an sit down…grab a cup and stop posting your personal off-topic crap in all those other on-topic threads! Save it for this thread and maybe others can possibly get an answer to the questions Cadsoft is so very excited to answer for us!

    …or not…

    Here’s a topic to start with…Building Codes in Zimbabwe: are they really providing the homeowners the protections they need?


    SDS says (in another posting) …  The real issue here is…neither views are accurate this way…if I use an exterior only file, then there is no ‘life’ visible through the windows…no kitchen, furniture, fixtures and appliances, etc



    All objects in a model have settings for Appearance. These settings can be found in the object Property setting.  Just because you assign ‘Glass’ to a window ‘Glass’ setting (which is the first assumption I’ve made…. you do have Glass set to Glass), that setting doesn’t mean you can see through the Glass to the interior.

    As you must know there are many types of Glass, some are Crystal Clear, others are Frosted and others more Opaque.


    In order to adjust any material assigned to any object in the program to your specific needs, you have to adjust the Material Properties of that Material assigned in the Appearance tab of the Objects Properties.

    If you just pick any old Glass from the Materials Library, you may have one that is not designed to see through.

    So concentrate on the Materials Property tab accessed when you right click the material chosen.


    For Glass you have these 4, Emissive/ Opacity/Specular and Reflection to deal with. I do not suggest you assign Glossy or Shiny or Blurred or change the IOR settings.

    If you just want to see inside, Set all 4 options to 0. zero.


    I was unable to post this in the proper forum question as the forum kept saying I had to Log ON…. but as you can see < I am Logged on… So this is a good place to post as it was started by you (sds).






    what about the Sydney Opera? I just love those roofs.

    If you do the tower i would love to see it Merv.

    And SDS,

    I don’t know Zimbabwe (wouldn’t know if it even exist:) but i would say that sounds like a poor country. So the answer is prolly No.

    And i think i got all my non-topic stuff off another conversation.



    Off topic for the other thread, so a quick cut & paste:
    One of these days I’ll post Stage 1 of a resort project I did in APDesign back in the mid-90’s. The roofs in particular were exceedingly challenging. But when I decided to try the same project in Envisioneer – converting from 3 storeys of cavity brick so single skin Wide Bay Clayblocks, roofs were much simpler – even though they were like barrel vaults (about 80metre radius iirc) but they were also truncated to match S-shaped patios.
    btw, the job never went ahead because the central water feature was actually redefining a mangrove swamp. Local greenies didn’t like that! Port Douglas, Far North Queensland

    My only job in USA was in New England at the turn of the century. Even back then we had to document how everything was braced & tied down. The builder sent me a sample hand-drawn plan. He had only just purchased APDesign & was struggling to understand it. iirc it was 2-storey + basement and it all fitted on half a dozen A3 (can’t remember your equivalent) sheets. Probably the same level of detail Aussie builders used in the early ’80’s. Back then, everything worked on the assumption “builder will figure it out on site”. As a builder I had a technique to get the building inspector “on side”. First time he (not aware of any women inspectors back then) arrived on the job I’d grab the “plan” & say “I was thinking of doing it this particular way, what are your thoughts?” That way he’d think I considered him the expert & as a result was more likely to overlook little things. I remember one job where the cyclone rods hadn’t been welded yet due to a big storm the day before, but he ticked it off just the same.
    I have no recent experience so can’t really comment. However I’m appalled every time we see footage of modern homes flattened by twisters in Tornado Alley.

    I’ve always wanted to try to model what was originally called Infinity Tower, a supertall
    But Envisioneer isn’t exactly geared up for that type of construction, 306m tall nor the 90 degree twist!
    I remember when the piling failed and the canal flooded the excavation . . . . .

    But the challenge of modelling the Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral with it’s flying buttresses and gargoyles could push me over the edge!


    Did you know…

    If you search any form of the phrase ‘Chief Architect’ in the little search box thingy at the top of the forum the only two results that appear are the two times I’ve made reference to it in recent posts? (well…now this 3rd reference too)

    In other words, not one single person who has posted on this forum (in the last 4 years?) has made a single reference to the leading comparable software package to Cadsoft.

    Now that is strange…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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