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Thank you Jack Zimmer

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    Every year (apart from during the pandemic), Cadsoft exhibits at the International Builders Show. We are so very grateful for the end users that stop by our booth and say Hi and support us. Each year Jack Zimmer makes a point of visiting us, and he has become a great friend of the staff at Cadsoft. We look forward to seeing him each year. This year, he went above and beyond expectations and gave us some beautiful renderings that he did in Envisioneer. I have posted them below. Great rendition of the Bellagio in Las Vegas.

    Thank you, thank you! Jack for all you do for Cadsoft and the people in the community.


    Wonderful of you to post this Chantle, feels like I got my first Award ever !

    But the catch is that people tell me ‘nice job’ and in reality, I’m just so pleased to have had mentors along the way and the ability to test out capabilities of Envisioneer that most don’t have the time to do.

    My son, Brent, who was also at IBS, commented on how enjoyable it was to sit down and chat with all of you. In all sincerity he said, “What nice people ! ”

    And that leads me to the second ‘catch’.  Without all your abilities at Cadsoft, to provide us with this tool, no Bellagio render would exist. Yes, there are other programs out there, but since I began using it, Envisioneer has always been innovative.  Long ago, I bought it because none of the others allow walls to extend to gable ends. All had to be done in a secondary operation. And roofs were pieced together in other programs, not one editable insert.

    Communication with other programs like MiTek. and many more, was unheard of. Of course, there was the ‘Best In Show’ award you got for Virtual Reality headset interaction. Home View VR followed quite rapidly. Look how Conrad simply posted a link, and all could see his great work in VR!

    What you have given to me and the other users of the program is the important part. That is why the only new features recommendation I’ve given  has been investigating better animation.

    My thanks to you Chantale, and all at Cadsoft for exciting new twists and turn with the product. All of which I have no idea how to implement. But certainly, enjoy experimenting with.

    Keep playing ‘Mad Scientists’ so I can become one 🙂

    So, nice to see you and the group again…. too long a wait.






Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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