Stair winders

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     I’m struggling to create a set of stairs that wind around a 120×120 timber post.
    Limited by the size of the existing building that’s being elevated & built under.
    To ensure head clearance under an existing bearer, it needs to start with a straight flight of 11 risers, then wind around the column until facing the opposite direction.
    Overall height is 3230, 19 rises of 170 each
    On the Layout tab, I have to specify f=89.999, otherwise the 2D representation goes ballistic.
    Because the column is 120 wide, I wish to specify d=60 but Envisioneer refuses to accept any input<100, not even 99.9
    I think I’ve tried every permutation possible, but so far it refuses to budge.
    Any suggestions?

    (saved in v12 format just in case . . . )


    Hi Merv

    What if you used 2 Sprial Rights instead of the P-Type Right. The Spirals allow for a tighter radius and the P-Type has a minimum of 100 that was set since Envisioneer V1. 


    Thanks Chantale!
    Had not tried changing the type – guess I’ll just have to fudge the floor plan. Getting a Queen mattress around a spiral would be a challenge . . . .
     I’d love to get inside some programmers heads to find why they’ve set limitations such as this.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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