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Jack posted a really nice tip about using split screen awhile ago.  This has been really useful while I’m trying to get some Terrain stuff tested.  Right now, it’s been easier for me to manipulate the 3D view by moving the camera and target icons in the Camera Properties window over on the right side rather than using the 3D window’s navigation.  (I’m viewing from a distance beyond the definition of the Terrain and it’s real easy to get disoriented fast. smile) Problem is when I switch from the 2D window to the added 3D window, the Camera Properties do not appear.  Don’t see a way to get to this except by selecting 3D and then choose a camera mode.  I mean, the time cost of 2 clicks is huge. smile

Another small annoyance: an imported trace image does not show in 2D in an Added Model View window.  The Notation Filter tab don’t exist.

Using Version 13 Trial.