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My opinion, but truly meant as a constructive comment.

When I look around here, the place seems dead. Hardly any posts and big time gaps. When I last visited a couple of years ago, the standard, threaded forum format was in use and there was activity. I felt that I could ask a question and would receive a timely reply. Now…

I’m new to Envisioneer, but not really. I used to use FloorPlan and a bit of TurboFloorPlan which were licensed subsets of Envisioneer. Those forums were very active. Hardly ever had to post because someone else had already asked my question and the answer was waiting.

I find it very hard to research anything here. Where are all of the old posts?

And there’s no Post Preview. With my habit of typos…


Related side note:

Seems like it took me forever to get through all of the Capcha stuff to register. Then I got a “needs to be approved” message. Ok, pretty normal for forum registration in these days of web attacks. Kept checking my mail daily for the approval. Almost 2 weeks go by & I mention it to Support and to a former contact from the “old days.” Get a pleasant call from CadSoft about my log-in problems. Huh? Never tried. Always got a “Welcome” email from other forums on approval. Without it, wouldn’t that be kind of like knocking on someone’s door then just turning knob and trying to walk in? Never even crossed my mind.:banghead: :laugh: