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Still experimenting.  Have pool with a sloped (fill dirt) side and one end on a contoured Terrain created with nested Plateaus.  Other side of pool will be at house level & other end will have a retaining wall for lower level lawn.  Closest I’ve been able to come so far to getting what I want is to use a roof as basis for the sloped area.  I’ve tried embeded Plateaus but just can’t get as close.  No luck with Hills/Berms/Trenches.  Know almost nothing about Surfaces & had a real mess when I tried them.  Any better ideas with tools available to PA?

Wanted to load 4 or 5 jpgs, but limited to 1 or is it 2 !?!?  Grrrr.  Think Soapbox & dirty words… Have no idea how this is going to post. 🙂