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Sample Advanced ROOFS

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    Some roofs I made in Envisioneer to test the roof tool.

    Attached is a Hip on rear, curved arched sides, double pitch front.

    Framing is always using straight rafters to get arced roof in Envisioneer ( fascia / soffits will actually be curved pieces).

    I will post more,   Jack      zimmerdesign.com




    These a primarily the simple roofs made by Envisioneer.  The 4 Gable roof requires some node edits but is doable. The arched involve playing around with degrees at both start and end of pitches, fun to experiment with.

    The last renders are some samples I tested. The one with Porches came out almost exactly like the built as home.

    Jack       zimmerdesign.com

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    Here one I call Battle of the Bulge… the Line tool is used to define break points on left right / front back.

    This is a single roof with straight and segments pulled out to create curves. Mainly hips with curved areas. Pretty simple to define pitches, a bit of work to get left right breaks matching, that is where the line tool comes in.

    I’m fascinated by the framing view.


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    Thanks for sharing Jack that’s some good work!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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