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Roof on Two Buildings

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    I have a design that includes our current house with a newly designed stand alone Studio Apartment on the same lot.  I want to show the roof of both buildings.  When I tried to palce a roof on both buildings I am blocked with a statement that if you insert a roof on the highlighted perimimeter the software deletes the roof on the second buildiing.  To me that is a ridicolous way to code the software, as there are numerous reasons to build multiple buildings on the same lot.  This would be very helpful when providing information for building permits and over all view of how the buildings are located on the lot.  Does anyone know how I can accomplish this.


    Hi, you can insert the 2nd roof on the same building location by using the roof by picking points tool. Then you can manually select the outline of the 2nd roof with the cursor. It won’t allow you to insert two auto roofs on the same building location because it can only follow one building’s perimeter wall outline per location. Another option would be to create a new building location under settings>building locations>add new, so you can insert walls and an auto roof together.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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