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Can these be done or are they strictly wish list?  Betting it’s the latter. frown


1-insert locations.  Example: add a location between Location 2 and Location 3 which would mean the existing Location 3 would be renamed as Location 4 and the new location named as Location 3.


2-select the display order of the locations. Example: actively working with Location 4 and done with Location 3, so would like the Location select box to show Location 4, Location 1 and Location 2.


In my old plans, I would put my most commonly used locations first (1st floor, 2nd floor, shop, shed, etc) to make drop box selection fast.  I had a lot of other locations then (77)

-some to work around program limitations,

-some so that I could easily turn off its contents (like I’m working with the Shed, so I don’t need to see stuff for the house or shop), and 

-some fun ones that were variations of the same location so that I could switch  easily between them using the Filter to make design choices in 3D.  Like the various roof styles and surfaces when I was designing my Shed.laughing