Linear light source?

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    Pro Architect 2.

    I am trying to model a soffit structure whose underside will have a translucent white plastic piece, behind which will be linear LED strip lighting. The intent is to have a uniform glow across the length of the soffit.

    I’ve set the plastic material to be 100% luminous, but need a way to cast light from it across adjacent surfaces.

    I thought perhaps I could take 48″ undercabinet lights and set the 3D materials to be “Window Glass” so they’d disappear in 3D. And they do disappear…but I discovered in the process that the “fluorescent tube” is actually a point light source, not a linear light source. So instead of a linear light source, I have a bright spot every 48″ from an invisible fixture.

    [attachment file=”13022″]

    What’s the best way to model an even, continuous light source?

    I’ve purchased Pro Architect 15…if the answer lies there I’ll just [impatiently] wait until I can install it.


    hello JRV,

    don’t know if this is what you are looking for but you can download a linear light off of 3dwarehouse and then add the lights

    in envisioneer  ( make sure you import it as a light when using the object wizard)space them close together

    and set lighting (Z) for about -6″ and (lighting option y)gap them every 3″ do it on a small one and duplicate

    them side by side it still gives a small spot where it shines down but it looks better than every 4′  (sample below)

    i’m sure there’s a much faster way this is just how I do it. cause couldn’t figure out any other way.


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    Hi JRV,

    I tried a ton of things over the years and stumbled upon ‘Blue Display Screen’ texture under Glass. I have not tried to change the color from ‘blue-ish default’ but suspect it will work.

    It doesn’t ‘light’ the surroundings but in this case of trying to represent LED about cabinets and in glass faced cabinets, it worked.

    Above cabinet is a ‘short’ glass wall from walls , assigned on both sides the Blue Display Screen texture.

    Because it is set to ‘Shiny’ in the program, any other lights you have start to make it appear to be a light source.

    Best I can suggest.



    Thanks, much, Conrad and Jack.  Both ideas look good; will experiment.

    Sounds like I’m not the first or last to bump up against this problem. Hopefully, Cadsoft will provide a proper solution for linear light sources someday.

    OK, mainstream LED lights only date back to Envisioneer 3.0-ish, but commercially-available fluorescent lights are older than most of us users are and decades older than CAD! Likely much more involved than it looks, but seems like calculating effects of one, long, linear light source would be WAY faster than calculating dozens of point light sources that try to simulate linear. If so, true, linear fluorescent & LED light sources would be a big win for Cadsoft users.

    Jack, good to see you and Merv still holding down the fort here. I’m the world’s most experienced Cadsoft newbie. Every 7 or 8 years it seems I have a different house, with a new project, and have to upgrade by 3 or 4 versions and then learn the program all over again! The program keeps getting better and more fun to use, and I’m grateful to see the old-timers are still around to help out! Looking forward to v15.

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