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I  am running my Envisioneer 13 software with Windows 10 Home. I have Dual 2.8GHz i7 processor, 14GB Ram, 64 bit, lots of storage. Everything I need to run program(all up to date). I also had a Nvidia Gefore GTX 1050 Ti graphics card 4GB (clean install with current drivers). My computer runs great.

The probem is (for example) when I open ‘Beach House’ sample and goto details worksheet and click on cross section and update Smartview, I end up in and endless loop and program does not respond.

My question is, does anyone else had this graphics card, and what settings do you use? Or does anyone have a suggestion as to what may be the issue. Tech support suggested to google for settings, but most videos are for gaming. I have tried many combinations, but cannot eliminate problem.

Thanks for any feedback!