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Garage walls

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    Need help please. It’s a simple thing that shouldn’t be this difficult. Slab on grade with 2×6 walls on top of a row of concrete blocks. Easy right?

    Tried different locations but then I can’t get the wall to fill in the framing for the garage door. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Another annoying quirk, thought I saw this setting somewhere but I cant find it. When drawing walls the dimension is for center of core. Any way to make it default to out edge of core?

    Thank you


    Settings > Document Settings >  Dimensions at bottom of list.

    Jack  zimmerdesign.com


    I set foundation to -4′ (frost depth) , with a wall height of 5’6″.   Which is 1’6″ out of grade.

    I set Ground Floor to 1’6 to fall on top of foundation wall.

    Added doors in Garage , selected them and lowered them 8″…..  framing seems OK.

    You have to do math and set heights according to your needs.

    Basically, build it in Envisioneer like you would on job site.

    Note the orange (foundation wall) at side door, shows top of block wall, because I selected first floor wall and set exterior face to zero. This was done so you could see how door drop on first floor cuts block wall automatically.

    In reality garage slab would be pitched to the front doors. But I normally don’t show that. If mason doesn’t know to pitch it I get a new mason.

    Jack zimmerdesign.com



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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