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Gable Issues

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    How do I fix this?  How do I place a wall above the front porch (both gables) and how do I fix the gable that’s only half there?


    You will need [1] one chicken, a fire, a grass skirt, and some good dance moves…

    ‘display gables’ = NONE

    Add wall in-line with gable, in 2d

    Elevate wall to plate height

    Wall properties > Top & Bottom > set to ‘Auto Extend’

    If you don’t want to see it in 2d go Wall Properties > Basic > Check ‘Invisible In 2d’

    Remember the above…there is no ‘help’ for this…


    Thank you SDS.  I placed a wall above an existing wall on the attached pic.  The area where it was showing half a gable.  I put a wall above it and it keeps disappearing.  Either the gale disappears or the existing wall itself disappears.  Hair pulling !!!!


    Somebody who owns more chickens than I do will be along shortly…there are several unique ‘fixes’ to try when working with gables, I have a hard time remembering them all.

    Use your ‘nudge’ to bump the upper (gable) wall in or out a 1/16 at a time…it may suddenly decide to make an appearance.

    Worst case…create 2 separate gable roofs…your main roof and then a separate gable roof just over the section that bumps out. This may ‘display gables’ on both, or allow the walls to ‘extend to roof’



    You have two different situations.

    In Gable 1, all you have to do is to set the walls Properties (Top Bottom)  to Auto Extend.

    When you have two Gables like 2 & 3 you cannot use Auto Extend because there is not a wall under the whole gable. In this case you do as SDS says and draw a wall under the ‘open’ area of the gable and elevate it.

    If  you want a different Gable material, set all walls to Level (not auto extend)  Now you can click on the arrow associated with the roof gable and in Roof Properties / check Display Gable and choose Surface or Wall (assign a wall).

    Simple to remember – Single Gable = Auto Extend (wall)

    Multi Gable or Different materials =  Display Gable / Surface





    Here are three ways to fill a gable in Envisioneer.

    Fill gable with roof properties:

    1. Select the roof click on the arrow in the gable end to make it green>properties>enable gable wall or surface
    2. Use material paintbrush on building tab to change wall material
    3. Use eyedropper on the right to select the material from your model
    4. change to paintbrush to apply new material to the gable wall surface

    To fill in the split gable:

    1. Insert a wall on your floor plan on the same building location as the roof
    2. Select the wall>right click> properties>top & bottom tab>auto extend to roof
    3. Select the wall>right click>elevate> enter ceiling height
    4. Select the wall>right click>properties>check the “invisible in 2D”box

    New building location:

    1. Select the roof>right click>duplicate to locations
    2. Select the 2nd or a new building location>ok
    3. Select “yes” to delete the original object
    4. Select the roof>right click>properties>support& details tab
    5. Lower support height down, to sit on ground floor walls
    6. Insert a wall by picking points under the gable
Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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