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    Do not see this on Envisioneer site, but http://www.envisioneerexpress.com exists and it’s listed there.  Is this still an active product?  I think it’s the Trial after 30 days have expired.


    Is it possible to install the Trial and immediately change it to the Express mode, that is, not allow permanent changes?  Would be useful to me to have hubby see my in-progress model safely 🙂 or putting a model version on another computer so I can see both models full screen at the same time.  2nd monitor not available because it’s being used by the 2nd computer to show stuff from old software and can’t have multiple versions of Envisioneer versions active at the same time on a single box without diving into VM, AFAIK.


    There is not a way of automatically switching to Expressmode, you have to wait the 30 days, BUT you can upload your views to the HomeViewVR app and let your husband look at the 360 views of each room.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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