CTRL+A but no ROTATE option

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    Acreage lot with 2 large buildings but nothing is aligned. After producing Working Drawings for the new shed aligned with the existing shed, I’ll have to rotate everything (including lot boundaries, TIN mesh, contours, building envelope, NorthPoint, TBM, plants etc) until the existing dwelling is ORTHO so I can do a major remodel there.

    Problem is that since version 2.5, rt-click after CTRL+A refuses to give users the ROTATE option. Why not?



    It will be dependant on the objects that you have selected.

    CTRL +A for those that don’t know is Select All, everything you have turned on will be selected.

    Rotate will appear in the right-click menu after a CTRL +A if you have model objects like walls BUT if you have dimensions on, then it will not. Dimensions can’t be rotated. So if the CTRL +A includes dimensions, rotate will not appear in the right-click menu.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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