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Building a New Home! – HELP!!

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    Hello everyone.  First time posting in this forum.  I am using Virtual Architect Professional to sketch-out a new house.  They tutorials provide don’t get into the details I need and there are no books out there that I could find to help me.  I’m actually looking for either some one-on-one time with an experienced user that can either help me work through it, or someone that wants to earn some extra cash finishing the design (interior and exterior) for me.  Let me know if you’re interested, thx!


    Hi Lac1234,

    What are you having issues with?  This forum can be of great help. If you are really stuck, feel free to contact me and I can help direct you to resources or possible guide you.

    Jack   zimmerdesign.com


    Hello Jack, thanks for the response.  I had an Architect draw-up some plans for us.  I was able to get the basic structure created with all the rooms, floors, windows, doors etc. on the first floor.  I am having trouble with the stairs going into the basement.  But navigating to the basement and working on that, adding a roof, designing kitchen cabinets, adding colors, and then outside…i’d like to grade the property for a walk-out basement.  There is just so much to learn and without someone working with me I wouldn’t be able to do it myself.

    As I mentioned, if you (or someone else experienced) can take a drawing an Architect generated and create what I’m looking for, I’d be happy to provide some compensation.  I tried to upload the Project file but it’s saved in a hidden directory and I can’t get to it.  If there’s a way to contact you outside of this forum let me know and I can share more with you, thanks!


    Hello lacasse1234,

    Would be great to help you but I’m really busy (and you probably won’t want to wait on me) and Jack is a good one I’d recommend him.

    You can find his contact info on his website zimmerdesign.com


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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