15.6″ screen for CAD?

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    Is anyone using a 15.6″ laptop for Envisioneer? If so, is it workable or too small?


    G’day Chris!
    I found it OK for showing clients but as for actually working on it, I plugged in a 24″ screen, made that my Primary screen & had Envisioneer running full-screen there. I’d have Hyne Design, Excel etc all running on the laptop screen. Visit a client with just the lappy, Windows 7 could take that in its stride (as does 8 & 10). No problem making minor amendments, adding notes etc on site. But as soon as I returned to the office & plugged in the 24″ – it just picked up where I left off, windows restored to whichever screen they were on prior to the site visit.


    I like to use two monitors.  The one is my laptop with a 12″ display and the second is an 18″ auxilary display.  I keep the working image on the larger display and put reference material on the laptop display.  When I’m not at my desk I find I can do updates on the laptop but it it a hassle.  The two monitors are both logically and physically adjacent and I drag windows from one to the other and ocassionally have enlarged a window to cover part or all of both monitors.


    Thanks for your insights and, sorry for my late reply. Notification replies didn’t arrive in my inbox.
    My cure for something smaller ended up with a tablet (!!). I just needed something that handles most of the business side and and lets me read news etc. where ever
    It’s a bit like a mate of mine says about his love of motorbikes. How do you pick the best one? You really need to get one for the road, one for the dirt and one for the track. Not a bad idea really. Except that it wouldn’t get too far in the family finance dept.


    Back to Pro Architect 2 after a long absence. Now running on a Surface Pro 7, with a hi-resolution display. Much of the Pro Architect UI is teeny-tiny, while few things are crazy large.

    Does the current version of Pro Architect scale its UI correctly for hi-res displays?

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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