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    Flashback to early 1995.

    I still have the 3.5″ floppy that delivered the Australian Dictionary for AutoCAD r13.

    oh yea! Still got my copy of v13 around here somewhere!

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    [attachment file=”14629″]

    SDS, my trial version of Eagle Point software around 20 years ago!


    Oh man! I thought I was the only one! Thanks for sharing!

    It is a little known fact that I still run AutoCAD v12 Windows and Eagle Points Advanced Architecture (copyright 1993)…using a Windows 7 32bit OS…on a daily basis. Lightning fast, accurate 2d plans…it’s that good, almost 30 years later.

    in reply to: Suggestion – Camera Lock #14620

    The method I use is to insert cameras where needed and name them.

    But the concept is to have ONE specific camera named ‘WALK’ . This one I use to move freely without affecting the others.

    Hi Jack,

    Yep…each new cam gets a unique name….and I have one specifically named WORKING in each project that is used for…you guessed it…working. All other cams are only used to render those particular shots and should never change. Those are the ones I want a camera lock for.

    Or hell…how about instead…you can’t make changes in user-placed cams, only renders…and Cadsoft simply adds a Working Camera you have to use to make changes? Sounds like we’re doing it that way anyways eh?

    Now…use the Lock idea for textures instead…once I trim & texture a wall, or ceiling, or floor, or roof, etc I can check a box that ‘locks’ those changes until I unlock them again?

    *sigh* a boy can dream

    in reply to: roof patterned #14579

    3d Quickview > Top Down > Screencap > Paste to Paint > Save As > Envisioneer >Worksheet > Insert Image



    I’m new…


    in reply to: Square gable #14568

    You can not do what you want to do solely through the roof variables…you’ve got to ‘fake it’ with some other element.

    Yup…glad to hear you got it worked out.

    in reply to: Square gable #14564

    just set your eaves to “raked” and draw in ceiling elements for your soffits…give them a thickness to ‘hide’ the top side ie; projects up into the roof…

    You can not do what you want to do solely through the roof variables…you’ve got to ‘fake it’ with some other element.

    Welcome to Cadsoft…

    in reply to: A Master Bath VR #14529

    very nice…I like the deco and the water/bubbles in the tub

    how’d you do the bubbles?

    How did you do the rimless sink? It looks ‘odd’ (not really in a bad way though)

    in reply to: Nice way to show drop ceiling #14521

    good looking plan Jack

    in reply to: Future update request #14502

    Sorry…morning post…got to stop that.

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    in reply to: Future update request #14501


    I posed that to the developers and received the following reply.

    In layman terms, RTX is only available on a NVIDIA video card. We want to ensure that our users, regardless of the video card manufacturer they chose, can have the best renderings.

    Real‑time ray tracing, coming in Chief Architect X13, requires a Windows 10 computer with an NVIDIA RTX or an AMD Radeon™ RX 6000 series graphics card.

    Every video card sold is based either on an nVidia chip or an AMD chip…licensed to various video card mfg’s of course. So, what’s this about CA only working on nVidia chipsets?

    Explain it to me ‘in layman terms’ please…

    in reply to: Update Question #14498

    Agreed Merv.

    That would be a great feature to have. Could we have an automatic beam calculator to, that would be sweet.

    Only problem is over here we got woods,

    People just don’t want to work anymore.

    Sawmills and lumber companies would like to work two shifts right now, BUT only problem is they can barely get enough workers to run one shift.


    I never messed around with Mitek maybe i should play around with it sometime

    Conrad, you’ve got to be a truss manufacturer to get the Mitek software…I subcontracted truss design & engineering to a local truss plant from 1998-2008…the last 3 years as a mfg myself…just before the housing market collapsed. This was just before Mitek came out with their new Sapphire platform that is integrating with the architectural bim platforms

    I’ve been trying to get a copy but I really don’t want to go back into manufacturing

    There is also some ongoing work with integrating StruCalc into the bim platform…sizing structural members, foundations, wall bracing etc…I haven’t looked at it too much but I’ve used it extensively too…I’d love to see all these structural aspects of home design pulled together into 1 big package that I’ll never be able to afford.

    a boy can dream…


    in reply to: Update Question #14493

    Yes…heck, just integrate the APA’s prescriptive wall bracing calculator for simple code compliant functionality and I’d be happy!!

    But they have already been working on the more ‘engineered’ integration you’re talking about with Mitek for quite a while now…

    I ran their truss engineering software for several years and always wanted to be able to simply import my cad designs and then engineer the building components…and then manufacture them of course!

    Now you can…

    Mitek does wall panels, roof & floor trusses…calculating loads applied…fun stuff

    in reply to: WTF? #14445

    Here’s the finished rendering with a bit of landscaping…I was so far behind that I really didn’t have time to do more than drop a few bushes in…


    Now if I could figure out the issue with the bay window trim…always something

    in reply to: Bay Window help #14442

    Hello forum.

    Relative newbie to using this software, still getting my head around some of the finer details of it. I am having some issues with creating a bay window. Attached is an example of the wall section I am trying to insert the window into.

    I cant seem to find any combination of measurements that will make the window work. I insert a window to fit on the long wall section, then edit within properties to the bay window option. However when ever I change the window, it disappears as it obviously doesn’t work for some reason.

    Any help or guidance on how I can make a bay window work here? Angle is 45 degrees. Units are mm, and I am using the Australian catalogue as an FYI.

    Thanks in advanced.

    Phil Smyth.

    If you are creating a bay window using walls…just insert regular windows into each bay wall segment at a size that will fit each wall segment’s length, centered.

    If, when you “then edit within properties to the bay window option” and are using the ‘replace’ option to do so…if the bay window assembly you select to use as replacement is wider that the wall segment you’re inserting it into will simply disappear as you’re describing since it cannot fit within the wall segment.

    If you are trying to insert a pre-made bay window into a short segment of wall, bay or otherwise…you need to first create a new bay window assembly of a size that will fit in your length of wall as Conrad has outlined.

    in reply to: WTF? #14429

    I’m using the studio Class drivers now seem to be working fine not sure if that would have anything to with it or not but would be at least worth a try.


    This was exactly the problem…apparently envisioneer really does not like the game-ready drivers. When I set up this new machine I’m sure I’d selected the studio drivers when I downloaded them but the downloaded file I had installed was the game-ready version. Stupid operator error…

    Installing the studio drivers has resolved the issue of the blank, white textures & plants…

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