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I would say that’s up to you. I experienced the same the same thing. so i really upgraded and got a faster one. which i really like. it allows me to bump up the quality of the render quite a bit and still have it done quicker than what my old one could do.

system specs
CPU: threadripper 3960X (24c/48t at 3.9ghz)
RAM: 128Gb (4x32Gb quad channel 2666mhz)
graphics : Nvidia Geforce RTX 2070 Super
SSD: 1TB samsing 970 Evo
PSU: 1000w EVGA G3

So what happening when your program quits working is that it’s overtaxing the RAM, when the memory just goes up and up until it freezes the program or crashes it.

And it becomes slow and clunky in 3D view is when your graphics card running maxed out. So you can get a really good one like

a Nvidia 3960 that just came out recently, I didn’t cause i didn’t want to pay for it 🙂

I’m working on a pretty large project right now that they want to see every room in the whole house as this is how they’re gonna decide where they want all their electrical, down to all the outlets and i can see already that this file is gonna be that big that my new graphics card is prolly gonna become slow and jerky to.

It’s a lot faster than what i had but just last week my computer started making a sound so i contacted my tech guy and i guess the water pump or either something else needs to be replaced so not sure why it happened already as the computer is only 5 month old. But a faster computer definitly speeds up the process.

Does anyone know if  3D  work just wears out certain parts on a computer and you have to replace them or did i just get a faulty water pump or whatever that is wrong?? I’m hoping the warranty will replace this one but was wondering about the future if it would happen again.

Jack did you pull the trigger on a new one?


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