August 4, 2017 all-day
Dallas Training

This is a course intending to give CADSOFT clients an introduction to the software.

Become a proficient user of Cadsoft Envisioneer by exploring the software interface, custom settings, constructing a model and navigating in 3D. Learn how to properly set up and model so you can achieve all of your design needs. Then delve into rendering, animations and construction documents. Take your models to new heights with rendering and animation tips and learn how to create working drawings.

This course will ultimately give you the specific abilities required to:

  • Understand the user interface of Cadsoft Envisioneer and effectively start a new design project.
  • Create a 3D residential model
  • Provide a professional appearance to a finished 3D model
  • Design 3D Landscape and Terrain elements
  • Produce photo-realistic renderings and animations
  • Navigate around and modify a 3D model
  • Produce working drawings
  • Generate a full project estimate

Morning Session:

Settings and Interface

  • Getting to Know the Interface
  • Using the Commander
  • Settings and Templates

Model Building

  • Drawing Walls
  • Inserting Openings
  • Viewing the Model
  • Editing Element Properties
  • Customizing Floors & Ceilings
  • Inserting & Editing a Roof
  • Using the View Filter
  • Using the Kitchen Design Wizard
  • Inserting Cabinets & Plumbing Fixtures
  • Inserting a Site Boundary
  • Adding a Hill & Slope to the Landscape
  • Adding Paths & Driveways

Afternoon Session:

Rendering and Animation

  • Creating a 3DTrueView Rendering
  • Using Stereo Vision
  • Creating Animations

Construction Documents

  • Creating a Foundation Plan
  • Inserting Beams
  • Inserting Columns
  • Adding Footings
  • Inserting a Title Block
  • Adding Dimensions to Your Plan
  • Customizing Dimension Styles
  • Adding Text
  • Creating your Text Styles
  • Viewing Elevations
  • Inserting Views
  • Generating a Project Estimate