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    At this moment in time, as we are all trying to cope as best we can with the importance of our health, we at Cadsoft, want to give back to you.

    While you may be sheltered in your own home or office, we will reach out with a short “Tool Tip” every day – a video with a time-saving lesson!

    We will post the lesson on our YouTube page and set the notification here on our Community page each day. If you have suggestions for future videos please post them here in the Community. Keep connected with other designers, builders, estimators and homeowners on our Community site and share your own tips too!

    Also, remember our weekly webinars. Each Tuesday at 2pm (EST GMT-4) we have a live lesson. Register for the classes to learn every week. They are always a free virtual lesson for you.

    At Cadsoft, we have taken advantage of technology to allow us to continue as “normal”. We are all working virtually through the power of technology like #Slack, GoToMeeting and VPN networks. In doing so it allows us to still “meet” with each other and you so we can carry on business as normally as possible at this time.

    If you would prefer a custom online lesson we can also facilitate lessons via GoToMeeting. Please contact, we are offering a discounted rate on online training at this time as well.

    Stay safe and healthy! We are thinking of you!

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    How about a series of Tool Tips on Remodelling  (eg several windows in a wall being replaced by a large concertina door and the necessary lintel upgrade, relocation of electrical services, make good internal linings, repaint the entire wall . . . ) & extracting quantities including labour components for each trade.




    Looking forward to new tips!


    Thank-You I am always ready to learn something new.

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