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    A way to speed up production is to use the keyboard shortcuts for Ortho and ObjSnap. By default Ortho is F8 and ObjSnap F5.

    Simply place a small piece of tape on the F5-F8 keys, a little larger than the key , folded back on itself to make a small tab. The little extra tab is easily felt by your finger so you can look at monitor and easily turn On / Off with left hand while mousing with right (if right handed)

    Example = When using text by leader I want to ObjSnap to a point, then drag to locate text (with ObjSnap Off) then click to set text but now I want a perfect horizontal short line to my text, so I need Ortho ON.

    I look at monitor , feel for F5 with left finger, click and ObjSnap is ON, set my arrow location, hit F5 , now ObjSnap is OFF,  drag to set my text location , move finger over to feel for F8, click, Ortho is ON, drag text perfectly horizontal and set.

    Many times all I use is F8 to get the horizontal text line perfect and don’t use ObjSnap.  This speeds up Construction Documents .




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