Plea for the return of a goofy old feature

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    For the Wish List–

    I upgraded from Pro Architect 2 to Pro Architect 15. When I did, I lost one of PA2’s handiest features.

    Pro Architect 2 (and some Envisioneer version whose number I’ve forgotten prior to PA2, which I also purchased) had the 3D glasses feature. The menu command was “Stereo Vision”. (I just discovered it’s still in the “retro” v15 Help file!)

    It’s where you have glasses with red and blue lenses, and can see and navigate through your model in real-time (albeit distractingly discolored!) in 3D RealView. The 3D engine generates a real-time red & blue offset image that works with the glasses.

    Since my style runs toward the sculptural, this was enormously useful.

    The v15 360 degree view is okayish…but Stereo Vision was instant instead of overnight, and a real-time design tool. A presentation tool if you can overlook headaches (my wife’s complaint) and psychadelic color effects. And it enabled walk-throughs, which the 360 degree view does not do. All you can do with 360 degrees is spin around until you’re dizzy or bump into furniture. Stereo Vision worked safely behind the keyboard of my computer, sitting down.

    I still miss Stereo Vision–even if it was a little goofy wearing the 1950s glasses. I’d really like it to come back. Hopefully in Pro Architect 15.01.

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