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March Rendering of the Month – Breakfast Nook

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    Hello Everyone,

    This month we focused on interior spaces and created 3 different Breakfast Nook renderings.

    Let us know your favorite and if there is a certain room you would like us to tackle next, just let us know!

    Thank you for supporting each other in the community!


    Are all items in your renders already in the program? Interested in furniture, especially the pew/bench.


    NICE WORK !!

    I actually thought #1 was a photograph. I pick that one, but they all are exceptionally done.


    jjoyceJeffrey Joyce

    The renderings each month show beautiful detailing of many items.  These items do not appear in the catalog.  Are the found and imported BIM files?  Developed in another program and imported.  Or are they created from “Members” and assembled?  Maybe I am missing something, but these beautiful renderings seem to have content that I either have not found or have not developed the skills to create.  Does anyone have any advice on how to approach creating this level of render content?

    Thanks,  Jeff


    Today, I downloaded a nook furniture image with measurements and entered the numerical values matching the measurements applying them as I created the model from real world furniture.

    I really need a job. I need to make some money. I am interested in creating content for the envisioneer programs. My ideas and current offers are to build some missing and much needed content, nook furniture, California closet kits/sets, awnings for windows and doors. I offer to build half dozen of each. Let us help each other out and you’ll easily be able to say-

    What’s new in the current version,

    1. California closets.
    2. Ability to add awnings to windows and doors.
    3. Nook furniture.

    Number 1 is definitely my pick! Great Job!


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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