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inserting stair

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    Hou to obtain a cavity in slab to position stair


    Hello Evalyn,

    Not exactly sure what you’re you’re trying to accomplish could you provide a little bit more details.



    Still awake 4 hours past my bedtime thanks to restless legs so I can’t guarantee things I say are logical.

    My guess would be how to cut an opening in a concrete slab to allow a flight of stairs to access that floor level.

    1. Determine which tread provides adequate head clearance when descending the stairs. My example is just a straight flight.
    2. Select the Floor element in which you wish to cut the opening. Rt-click – Cut Opening
    3. Pick one nosing corner of “the tread”, then the other end of the nosing, then proceed to the nosing at floor level, then the other end, rt-click, Finish




    Hi Evalyn,

    The right click ,  ‘cut opening’ option that Merv mentioned is NOT available in the default floor that is created when you enclose a space using the wall tool.

    You must delete floors automatically created first. Then use the Floor icon from the Building toolbar selecting one of the options, most times I use ‘ by pick points’.

    Once you have this ‘smart’ floor inserted, you can select it , right click your mouse and choose, ‘cut opening’.


    Zimmer Design.com



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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