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Here’s my wishlist…Gables…just Gables

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    If you want my money on the next update…

    Give me roof gables that work, more often than not…at least.

    Give me roof gables that don’t require me to figure out weird, undocumented little work-arounds and ‘solutions’ to make them happen in their simplest forms.

    Give me roof gables that step properly, and gables that project their exterior surfaces reliably.

    Give me ‘surface’ type roof gables I can insert a door or window into

    Give me walls I can extend to any roof surface, regardless which level either are on.

    Give me gable walls I can slope two sides to a peak and insert a door/window in the center of it

    What I absolutely do not want, ever, is for you to sell me “lessons” on how to use the garbage gable routines that you refuse to fix, improve or replace which you’ve been foisting upon us version after version!

    Give me gables!

    Or give me death!


    A better roof tool?

    I’ll go +1 the rest of the day!


    Why insist on a “surface” type gable when a “wall” type does what you want?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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