Fix or Workaround? Garage door with veneer

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    Hi, long-time user, first-time poster. I’m usually pretty good about figuring tricks and ways around things but this one has had me stumped for years now.

    Is there, or are there plans for a fix or workaround for veneers crossing the bottom of garage door openings? I’m using v13 though it has been typical of every version I’ve used.

    In the attached picture, the red arrows point to the anomaly in question. When lowering the garage door, such as when a buck-out occurs in a stem-wall, the veneer attached to the wall appears as a thin band across the bottom face of the door.

    The only workaround I’ve come up with is to drop the wall down to same elevation as the desired door sill (= grade)…but this is not accurate as far as construction goes.

    Thanks in advance for any input!

    Happy Holidays!


    Try this:

    Instead of your fold-up door, cut an opening in the external wall, width=door width, height= door height + distance veneer extends below FFL

    Specify a dummy wall the same thickness as the thickness of your door. Now on either side of the opening, draw dummy walls perpendicular to the external wall. Separate each wall from the edge of the opening by 1mm. Now insert another dummy wall between the first two & keep it just 1mm from the inside face of the external wall. Clean up intersections if necessary. Adjust wall heights = head height.

    Insert your foldup door in the dummy wall. Now you can pour the driveway into the opening & against the slab edge – just like they do here in QLD. And as a bonus, your foldup door appears correctly in 2D Plan view! Inside the garage & overlapping the edges of the opening . . .



    sadly this is another 2 areas where 14 versions of Envisioneer still can’t match the functionality of Cadsoft’s legacy programmes, APDesign (in the late ’80’s) and Build! from 1997 . . .


    Thanks for the reply, I’ve tried an inside dummy wall with decent results…which is fine for an exterior-only render situation. I do like how it sets the door more properly “inside” visually than the door properties offset seems to allow.

    the work-around I’ve used more often is to simply break the exterior wall a minimal distance from each end of the garage door…so the door is then in it’s own wall segment [length=opening + about 2in], then remove the veneer from that wall segment.

    It’s quick and effective, but there’s a bit of adjusting required of the wall lengths to make everything play nice together.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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