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Creating new colors?

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    I’ve painted my cabinets the darkest blue paint I can find in the catalog (Benjamin Moore) but its just not dark enough compared to what’s been requested.

    Is there a way to modify/create new paint samples from existing ones? As in taking the current blue sample and modifying it to change it’s color/tone?

    Thanks for any input!


    Any changes to textures and colours should be done in a separate program like Photoshop. Once altered you can import the new material into Envisioneer.


    Hi SDS,

    Change the Texture Intensity in colors properties.

    Right click on the blue you like in Ben Moore , select ‘Add Material’ , rename and original is untouched.

    In Pop Up , left click the ‘Texture’ (the color) and in the ‘Texture Map’ pop up lower the Texture Intensity.

    There normally are enough texture color options to get the hue correct. But then you add lights and or Sun and all goes haywire again when rendering.

    I have found the lowering almost all the ‘Intensities’ to 0.65 is required out of the box. It is also ‘fun’ to do this with the ‘grass’ options for your exterior view but to then increase the Tile Height and Width to try and get ‘grass’ to look like grass. I’ve gone as low as .010 and up to 6′ x 6′ in grass textures.

    I do use Irfan Viewer to quickly change hues but any photo editing program works.

    Jack   zimmerdesign.com


    Awesome tip jkzimm!! Thank you that is the simple method I was hoping to find. I’ll have to play around with the grass as you’re describing too! The stock grass samples suck


    Here are two I use.

    Good Grass — in textures map settings  Height Width to 12 ft  …..Texture Intensity to 0.45

    and Rough Scrub …..  Height Width 24 ft  Intensity 0.45






    Those look nice, the scrub render look very natural, really nicely done. I’ll have to play around with it next time, thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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