A string walks into a bar…

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    A string walks into a bar and orders a rum & coke. The bartender says “hey, we don’t serve your kind in here”

    The string says “oh c’mon just give me a drink and I’ll be on my way”

    The bartender says “you’re gonna have to leave or I’m going to have you thrown out”

    The string says “I’d like to see you try, I know my rights!”

    So the bartender calls the bouncer over and the bouncer takes the string and throws it down on the floor and stomps on it, ties it in a knot and sends it flying out the door where it lands on the sidewalk, frayed ends and all.

    The string gets back up and walks right back into the bar and sits down, ordering a rum & coke as if nothing had happened.

    The bartender looks at the string and asks, “say…aren’t you the string I just had thrown out of here?”

    The string looks right back at the bartender and says…

    “No, I’m a frayed knot”

    Bah dump Tsss


    Good one SDS 🙂

    Never heard that one before.


    A snail walks into a bar.

    Bartender says ‘ We don’t serve snails here’ , throws the snail out the front door.

    A year later ……. same bar, same bartender, the same snail walks in, goes up to bartender and says ..

    Whatch you do that for?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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