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« on: April 16, 2012, 08:51:07 AM »

Can anyone tell me how I can bring in a new material?

I am doing a reno and I want to show them how terrible their existing siding is going to look up against the new stone. So I took a picture of their siding and want to use it as a material...Just don't  know how to bring it in...
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In a 3D view select the Material Paintbrush tool (first tool under all of the tabs). This will populate the catalog panel with materials.

At the top of the catalog panel, find the folder you want to save the new material into and then in the Materials list below, right click and choose Add Material.

The Materials Properties dialog box will appear. Here you give the image of the siding a name, and ensure you set it to "USE TEXTURE" . This will allow you to then go look out on your hard drive for that old siding picture and select it. Once you click OK in the Materials Properties dialog box, the texture is now part of your catalog.

NOTE: When you take digital pictures to use in Envisioneer, make sure that you are taking a straight on, high resolution shot without any debris or shadows on the material or that will repeat across the wall and make it look unrealistic.

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Further to Chantale's comments, I had previously done the image below to show someone using TurboFloorPlan how to do it. Since Envisioneer is the same in this area I thought it may help.


* Adding Your Own Texture.jpg (124.5 KB, 740x478 - viewed 133 times.)
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